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I am about to explain to you one of the most extraordinary situations that I have ever experienced, one of which prompted the inception of this website, the services within and the desire to help and spread the word of faith for all those whom would like to benefit by learning of this event and perhaps this real life occurrence may guide those of whom may have some reservations about or grown apart from their faith which admittedly I had at that time. It was the Month of December, only two days after Christmas and as a family we went on vacation and in particular to visit a close relation among others that was enduring a very difficult time in her life, Her troubles where financial and marital with some additional health issues and where proving detrimental to her well being. In short, despite everyone's efforts life was exceptionally difficult with absolutely no prospect of positive change.

I vividly remember the setting. It was a dark overcast and very blustery wet and depressing day even for the most jovial type. We were staying in a hotel with the grounds overlooking the extremes of the north Atlantic Ocean on a winters day at the most furthest point of the North West of Ireland notorious for high seas and strong winds. After inviting our extended family to spend some time with us at the hotel we all decided despite the weather that it may be refreshing and maybe good for our troubled relation to take a stroll along the cliff trail surrounding the hotel in the hope that the walk and a chat may alleviate some of the tension that she had to contend with. We could not help but wonder how she coped with such personal pressure and during our walk she was asked accordingly. I was quite surprised at her answer. "My Faith and I believe that Our Lady is looking over me and she will help me eventually" they were her exact words and they remained in my mind to this day. Because despite knowing her well I never quite knew that her faith and dedication to Our Lady was so strong.

Our walk continued and at this point the group had parted slightly. A short time later there was a sudden change from the quite rumbling voices under the harsh weather and rain apparel to that of joy and excitement. and up ahead I could see my relation climbing over a typical small Irish rural boundary wall exiting a confined green clearing just off the walkway holding what seemed to be a flower of sorts. Her adulation was intense and I could not appreciate the significance of it at that time. My relation kept on repeating that it was a sign, an answer to her prayers and a gift from Our Lady left in obscurity for her to fund and there lay in the palm of her hand a fresh off white rose with a vibrant green stalk that had no earthly place in such conditions. To be truthful, I must say I was highly and deeply sceptical and whereas I openly welcomed this gift and encouraged the perceived importance of this placement for the sake of my relation I could not help but ponder if it was left by a wedding party or some other worthy explanation much to the point that on my return to the hotel, I queried if any event took place only to be advised that given the inclement weather no events ever take place in the vicinity at that time of year. I was now perplexed and the thought crossed my mind that I may have actually witnessed a divine intervention. Regardless to my own personal considerations which was now irrelevant given the behaviour in my relations persona which had now changed dramatically in an astoundingly positive way for the duration of our stay much to the delight of all the family.

After our vacation ended this event was now a forgotten mystery to us but not to our relation whom maintained and increased her devotion to Our Lady. Within one month her life incredibly started to change against very difficult circumstances that seemed impossible to rectify. She became calmer, more at peace with herself, more forgiving to those who wronged her and most importantly positive about her future Her health improved dramatically, and in the following year she secured an excellent position of employment became emotionally stronger and independent which enabled her to eventually purchase her own home. It is some years later now and the transformation in this woman's life to date is quite remarkable.

The path in life that she has followed since that cold December day has been one of clarity, guidance and promise. She now lives a life of contentment, rich in compassion and fulfillment, those harsh times are thankfully distant memories. To this day I often ask her does she really attribute her change of direction in life to her faith and dedication to Our Lady with an event that could otherwise be perceived as trivial to some which on that day unfolded through her beliefs and her response is always quite simply, "Absolutely"

We believe as Gods Children we can all call upon Our Lady and if our faith is strong enough our prayers will eventually be answered. We truly hope you can find what you seek through your intervention with Our Lady through our site, "God Bless"

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