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In a world full of internet space with millions of sites shrouded behind the obscurity of a keyboard, We think it is important to offer any user or potential subscriber to our site an honest and frank declaration on what we do and how we do it so that they can be safe in the knowledge that any interaction that they have with us on our site is true, genuine and offers a sincere purpose. We hope you find our site simple to navigate and that all the information within is informative, clear, concise and demonstrates clarity for ease of use for your comfort and convenience. All to many websites request user information, a financial contribution or donation with rarely any explanation at all as to where your details or supportive funds go. We have no doubt that the vast majority are for very worthy causes but we do believe any administrator should be more transparent with such requests. Our main ethos is well documented throughout the site, that is to spread the word and promote further awareness of Our Lady through a devoted site that guides us to pray collectively, personally or for those in need and to hopefully reach out to those whom have yet to see the light or simply to show some compassion to the fellowship of humankind. Our site has been designed to provide our friends with a spiritual experience with a vision to expand on a worldwide congregation dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes that can instantly connect us all together at the click of a button in a singular visibly accessible place of spirituality and serenity. Technical in design it warranted resources to build and requires regular attentive upkeep and maintenance that necessities help and crucial ongoing services. It is for this reason that a nominal fee is charged for each service to help support the site, cover logistics of some of the services and ensure that the administrators can keep it active to serve the requests of our subscribers. Also we cannot forget our charitable commitments and competition to Lourdes. In the event access funds are available after costs, we will endeavor to make good our promise of providing a sum to a worthy charity, cause or institution deemed in need at that time which we will always document the beneficiary accordingly on site in due course, likewise we also must remember our competition. We aim to raise enough annually so that much to our pleasure, one lucky winner will win a trip to Lourdes. You can be personally assured that we will serve you with compassion and carry out our services to you responsibly with due diligence and respect and ensure that you gain the best possible experience when using our site. This we personally guarantee.

We truly hope you can find the path that you seek through Ourladydaily.com and your visit was a pleasant one.

God Bless

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