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Light A Candle

A "Candle" derived from the word Candre "To shine" and Vigil from Vigikia, "waiting" or "watching" Used in worship since the beginnings of the Church as a most fitting symbol to God and Our Lady, portraying purity, the changing of darkness to light with both the coming of our Lord and the presence of Our Lady. The practice of lighting candles most likely originated from the custom of burning lights in the tombs of martyrs in the catacombs in times gone by as a sign of solidarity with those still on earth, to watch over the dead and shine a path of light for the living.

At Our Lady's Grotto Lourdes many vigil candle lights burn silently for the same purpose only overseen by the most beautiful vision of all, accompanied by prayers, requests for guidance and waiting for favors sought.

To light a candle is a way of expressing one's prayer, enlightening our souls and minds whilst also showing harmony with those of whom the intentions are been offered. Our prayers just like the flame of the candles dispel darkness, reject evil and rise up to heaven to be answered. Here at "Light a Candle" we have the perfect setting that will shine a path of eternal light for all, through offerings, requests and dedications to Our Lady. One can instantly create a personalised candle for immediate viewing and sharing on demand through any internet device. Each candle can burn indefinitely and be revisited at anytime for the duration at the discretion of the contributor or shared contacts for times of prayer and reflection. An instantly attainable compassionate dedicatory gesture and a wonderful special thought for those whom would welcome the intervention of Our Lady's prayer in the presence of a dedicated burning candle, what could be more comforting than Our Lady to accompany a person in need.

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