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To believe and benefit from our faith, we must first believe and acknowledge the creative resources that we can gain through the power of prayer and in particular prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes. Regardless, if whether or not one should accept or reject this statement it is widely acknowledged that each and everyone of us has the power to make positive changes to our lives, but we must have some form of faith, either in ourselves, our beliefs or in those around us.

Throughout our existence as a creation of God a day does not pass where we need guidance and strength and both can come from the power of prayer supported by our faith and declaration of our love to Our Lady, the blessed Virgin Mother of God. Can you imagine the power of prayer with potentially the largest possible congregation praying in harmony? Can you visualise many minds in dedicated prayer for a particular cause in companionship with your own prayers and offerings and the positive effects they may produce? It is a fantastic vision. It is a known fact that we can attract to ourselves what we seek, through prayer, belief in ourselves, our religion and meditation, but we do need strength and reassuringly, strength comes in abundance through numbers. Would it not be a wonderful fulfillment if we could gather these numbers in terms of people power by way of combined prayer?

Every day we learn of personal or World events that can greatly affect us and those unfortunate enough to experience difficulty or sadness in their lives. Some pause for thought, others for a moment of prayer for either personal reasons or for the good of others whom may find themselves in desperate need of help or assistance. Conversely, we just may wish to thank Our Lady for favors received or the compassion bestowed upon us all in our time of need. This powerful platform for prayer will without doubt help everyone in our prayers through the divine intervention of Our Lady of Lourdes. Our Lady’s daily message is a promising medium created in order to build a worldwide prayer group so that we can promote an incentive to pull together and pray for change safe in the knowledge that Our Lady will respond and answer our prayers with comfort, reassurance, forgiveness and a path to peace, happiness and good health.

If you have a request for a future Daily Message, please email it for consideration to myrequest@ourladydaily.com

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